​Dana Gas' UAE Gas Project involves the purchase of imported gas in the Arabian Gulf for onward transportation to Sharjah, where it is processed to sweeten the gas and extraction of natural gas liquids (LPG and condensate) for sales within the UAE. Due to ongoing delays in commissioning of the gas supplier’s facilities deliveries of gas have yet to commence.

The UAE Gas Project receives gas at the United Gas Transmission Company’s (UGTC - Dana Gas 100% owned) receiving platform offshore Sharjah and then transports the gas by an 80km, 30" onshore and offshore pipeline, to the gas processing facilities in Sharjah which are operated by SajGas (Dana Gas 100% owned). The gas is sweetened and processed to produce pipeline quality gas for sale in the UAE along with the natural gas liquids.

CNGCL (Dana Gas 35% owned) is the gas marketing company that has long term gas contracts to deliver 600 MMscfpd of gas from the SajGas processing plant to end users in the UAE and also markets the LPG, condensate and sulphur (produced from the processing of the imported gas) within the region or to international customers.
The SajGas sweetening plant is in preservation mode whilst commencement of gas deliveries is awaited.