Health, Safety, Security and Environment

​​Dana Gas Group Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy 

​  Everybody who works for Dana Gas is responsible for the continuous improvement of our HSE performance. Together, we will continuously reduce both our risks and impacts leading to continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environmental performance with the goal of zero incidents and   harm to people and minimizing our Environmental impact.

   In Dana Gas we are committed to:

  1. Operating our facilities in a safe, competent and efficient manner and caring for all those on our sites or impacted by our activities.
  2. The reduction of the negative environmental impacts of our operations through application of sound environmental practices and compliance with legislation, delivering reductions in waste, emissions and discharges in addition to the efficient use of energy.
  3. Prevention of Occupational Illnesses and injuries.
  4. The inclusion of measurable HSE targets in our business plan. We are all committed to meeting them as part of our overall company performance which we report to the Board of Directors and shareholders.
  5. Compliance with all applicable national and international HSE legal requirements and our company policies, standards and procedures.
  6. Treating our neighbors, customers, suppliers, employees, contractors and interest groups with respect and care.
  7. Improving the HSE performance of our industry through the sharing of lessons and working with our partners, contractors, competitors and regulators.

   Working safely, protecting the health of our people and the environment and complying with all applicable legal requirements is a     condition of  employment. Staff and contractors must not tolerate deviations from legal requirements, nor the existence of unsafe acts,   behaviors or conditions. 

    All who work for and with Dana Gas have the authority to stop work they consider to be an imminent threat to life, health, property or        the environment, or that violates legal requirements.

   This policy shall be reviewed annually, taking into account the views of our employees, neighbors, public interest groups and those who    work with us.


​Patrick Allman-Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Dana Gas PJSC

May 2016  


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