Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSS&E)


Everybody who works for Dana Gas is responsible for the continuous improvement of our HSSE & SP performance. Together, we aim to pursue the goal of no harm to people, to protect the environment, respect our neighbours and contribute to the sustainable development of societies in which we operate.

In Dana Gas we are committed to:

  • Operating our facilities in a safe, competent and efficient manner and caring for all those on our sites or impacted by our activities.
  • Reducing the negative environmental impacts of our operations through application of sound environmental practices, delivering reductions in waste, emissions and discharges, in addition to the efficient use of energy.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement goals relating to zero incidents, and preventing injuries and occupational ill health.
  • Setting measurable HSSE & SP targets and publicly reporting our performance.
  • Including HSSE & SP in the appraisal of Company and staff performance.
  • Ensuring consultation and participation of workers in creating, maintaining and improving a safe working environment.
  • Implementing Company policies, standards and procedures that fully comply with all applicable national and international HSSE & SP legal requirements.
  • Engaging effectively with stakeholders and communities in which we operate, treating all interested parties with respect and care.
  • Requiring contractors and joint ventures under the Company’s operational control to manage HSSE  & SP in line with this policy and using our influence to promote it in other ventures accordingly.
  •  Contributing to improvement of the HSSE & SP performance of our industry through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned with our partners, contractors, competitors and regulators.

All who work for and with Dana Gas have the authority to stop any work they consider to be an imminent threat to life, health, property or the environment, or that violates legal requirements, or which presents potential negative social impact.


This policy shall be reviewed annually, considering the views of our employees, neighbours, public interest groups and those who work with us.

Injury free man-hours

245,764 in UAE

Recordable injuries at Zora Gas Plant

Zero in 3 years 

Certification for Head Office

Ohsas 18001

Injury free days achieved

850 in Khor Mor