Shaun Patrick Hoolahan

General Manager – Egypt

General Manager of Dana Gas Egypt since May 2023. Mr. Hoolahan joined Dana Gas in 2021 as Head of Subsurface and Reservoir Engineering and served as a Board Member of the joint venture operating company Wasco Petroleum. He previously provided consulting services to Dana Gas in 2010 and Dana Gas Egypt in 2012 and 2018-2021.
Mr. Hoolahan has over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, including more than 20 years in either senior management positions or running his own consulting firm. Mr. Hoolahan is a Reservoir Engineer by background with an emphasis on compositional recovery processes.
As an independent consultant since 2005, Mr. Hoolahan provided a wide range of services including oversite for green and brown field developments, property acquisitions, reserves assessment, insurance adjustment, technical training, investor insight, litigation support and expert witness services. In addition to Dana Gas, his client base included Shell, BP, Mærsk, Max, Caspiygas, Samek, Steege, Vantage, O’Hara Investments, the Trans Alaska Pipeline Owner’s Group, SM Energy, Caelus, Pioneer, ENI and Alaska Oil and Gas Operating Consultants, LLC.